A huge thankyou to all who participated in the public meeting convened by Councillor Catherine
Ehrhardt, to discuss the deterioration of the Maylands Lakes and what can be done to revive them.
Almost a hundred people attended and many expressed their concerns to the City of Bayswater.
The outcome of the meeting was the formation of a Friends of Maylands Lakes Group. The broad
role of the Group is to work with the community and Government to improve the Maylands lakes
and surrounds, and ensure they remain healthy in the longer term
Over the last few weeks I have been consulting similar groups, including the Baigup Wetlands
Interest Group and the Friends of Lake Claremont. Both have been most helpful in sharing
invaluable information about how they operate and more specifically, the details of their more (and
less) successful ventures.
The pivotal message which has come from those groups is consistent with that expressed by Jeremy
Maher and several participants in the public meeting. This being, that upon conclusion of the
analysis of the twelve month water quality monitoring program, a comprehensive Maylands Lakes
Management Plan (MLMP), be developed by an independent consultant, as a matter of urgency.
The plan must include a detailed and fully costed implementation program, for inclusion in the City
of Bayswater’s subsequent annual budgets. It is expected that a considerable amount of the works
contained in the MLMP will be able to be undertaken by volunteers from the Friends of Maylands
Lakes Group in collaboration with the City of Bayswater. In the meantime, the FOML Start-up
committee will work towards:

  • Incorporation
  • Development of web-site
  • Regular liaison with the City of Bayswater, to identify and facilitate work which can be
    undertaken prior to the release of the MLMP (e.g. filtration of water entering the lakes from
    the stormwater drains).
  • Endeavouring to secure funds via grants
  • Forming volunteer groups (e.g. for weeding, planting, mulching etc)
  • Disseminating information regarding the lakes and their surrounds, as it comes to hand
  • Arranging informal information evenings (environment related)

If you wish to be involved in any of these activities, please return the attached volunteer application
form to
Thank you again for your participation to date and we will keep you informed of progress with the
restoration our lakes, albeit this will be somewhat limited until the MLMP is completed.

Geoff Trott